East Bay Forward is a network of citizens fighting for the future of housing, transit, tenant rights, and long-term planning in the East Bay. We believe in more housing, more renter protections, better public transit, and better infrastructure.

Flex your civic muscle

We're active and everywhere. Find us at Zoning Boards, Planning Commissions, and your local City Council meetings. Read up on what we do and where we go.

MonthLy meetings

We host a monthly meeting every second Wednesday of the month with a location that rotates between Oakland and Berkeley. If you're into procedure and direction setting, join us there. 

happy hour

Fighting for housing can sure work up a thirst. Join us for good times, good people, and just plain old hanging out with friends. Subscribe to our calendar and never miss it!



Mobilizations, special events, important projects  they're all announced here. Make sure you don't miss out.

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We are currently made up of members from Alameda, Berkeley and Oakland. As more members sign up, we can begin advocacy in other cities.

What's going on:

We currently cover Alameda, Oakland, and Berkeley but we're working to build a base of pro-housing advocates who believe that density is good, displacement needs to be stopped, housing is a home, and that we need more of it - especially in the long run. As more people join from each city, we can expand our work. Read our full platform.