East Bay Forward is a self-organized collective of housing activists throughout the East Bay, organized according to Anarchist principles. We're not a 501c4, a PAC, or anything like that. Our organizing document is the work of our consensus decision making process.


There are three levels of trust based on commitment and contributions to the group and the movement:

  • The Stewardship - Core group of organizers that does most of the legwork for EBF
  • The rest of Slack + google groups list - General Assembly, Volunteers, Members, EB 'Effers, etc
  • Mailchimp - Our community. Everyone passively watching.

The Stewardship of East Bay Forward

It is a broadly defined role within EBF. It encompasses many important ideas:

  • Organizing events
  • Organizing turnout for public comment, hearings, community workshops, and whatnot
  • Offering analysis and input, and drafting, formal comments for EBF's engagement in the public process
  • Expanding EBF's reach and membership
  • Upholding the EBF platform
  • Showing up to EBF meetings with contributions
  • Contributing to group decisions and discussions
  • Managing our infrastructure
  • Fundraising
  • Legal legwork
  • Coordinating organizational meetings
  • Other things that EBF as a group depend on

Stewardship isn't limited to that list. Stewards of EBF can go above and beyond in keeping us moving forward effectively.

Joining the Stewardship is achieved through a process with the current Stewardship:

  • Two sponsors vouch for you and propose you be recognized as a Steward of East Bay Forward
  • Show up at a monthly EBF meeting
  • Swear to uphold the East Bay Forward platform with one hand on of a printed copy of the California LAO Housing Report.
  • None of the other Stewards object to your joining the stewardship


Invitation to Slack has a significantly lower barrier and is, in general, open to those with a genuine interest in furthering our mission. At a base, it requires some level of involvement with the group including, but not limited to showing up to events, helping organize, and other contributions not detailed here. Invites are requested through informal consensus among active EB 'Effers. Invites without discussion are strictly frowned upon and certainly controverisal.

Participants are expected to follow our Code of Conduct.

Everyone is welcome to participate in East Bay Forward, though not everyone is welcome to stay. This allows us to filter out people who might otherwise seek to ruin our movement from the inside while still allowing us to be as inclusive as possible. Housing affects everyone, and everyone should have a say.


Meetings happen on the second wednesday of the month. Notes are recorded and posted to Slack. An agenda is posted for collaborative editing a few days prior to the meeting. The format is straightforward:

  1. Introductions! Who are you? where do you live? Why are you here?
  2. The Agenda

Apply to Join

If all of the above makes sense to you, fill out this form and someone will get back to you as soon as we can.