Coming up on April 5th will be an Oakland City Council meeting wherein the Council will vote on a resolution declaring a local housing emergency and a 90 day moratorium on evictions and rent increases not authorized by the existing rent control ordinances. The full draft of resolution is here:

The important things to take away from it, should it pass:

  • 90 day moratorium on rent increases that aren't covered by rent control. A huge number of units in the Oakland housing supply are single family homes that aren't covered by rent control. State law prevents rent control from applying to single family homes, not Oakland.
  • 90 day moratorium on no-cause evictions. Oakland is a just cause city, meaning that residents can only be evicted for specific reasons:
  • The city will communicate this resolution to the California Assembly, Alameda County District Attorney, and President Obama.
  • The council will renew this declaration of emergency at every meeting until it votes not to.

Give it a read. Its pretty good. I support the idea and think you should too. If you're wondering how to show your support for this, its super easy:

  • Show up at Oakland City Hall on April 5th around 7:00 PM. Its okay to be late.
  • Fill out a speaker's card by asking the clerk for one
  • When public comment starts, get in line and say "I support the rent increase and eviction moratorium, and I am thankful that the City of Oakland is officially recognizing that we are in a housing crisis. I look forward to the Council's expedient approval of new housing projects."