It's that time again. The June primary is upon us. I know it's not as exciting as the upcoming Clinton/Sanders vs Trump race, but it is just as important. If you haven't already voted, here is a quick and dirty and subjective guide to voting that represent my views, with input from a few East Bay Forward members.



Emails, the millionaihs and the billionaihs, the unbridled enthusiasm of the youthz unfortunately neither of the remaining candidates has brought the issue of housing up to my knowledge, but O'Malley did. We need a democrat in office come November so get out the vote for Bernie or Hillary and let's make this happen. I'm a little sad that that pro-housing, pro-public transit eye candy won't be in the Oval.

State Senate, D9


I’ll let Oakland Magazine do the talking.

AC Democratic Central Committee, AD 15

  • MICHAEL BARNETT - one of the two candidates to answer the EBF survey, he recognizes that we need tenant protects as well as new affordable and market-rate housing
  • ELIZABETH ECHOLS - hasn't come out on housing, but has a great history in education, small businesses w/ Obama, and green building
  • JAMILA ENGLISH - hasn't come out on housing, but has cool background with women's rights and political activism
  • DIANNE MARTINEZ - not super familiar with her, but she is the current mayor of Emeryville, a city which is building like crazy
  • CECILIA "CES" ROSALES - she hasn't come out on housing but is really good on LGBT and community issues
  • DAVID SHIVER - Answered EBF candidate survey, with thoughtful responses and lists one of his top 3 priorities as "Advocate [for] affordable and market rate housing in our downtown and transit corridors to keep our East Bay communities diverse and vital."
  • KAREN WEINSTEIN - hasn't come out on housing, but very involved in the Berkeley community in a positive way



She hasn't commented on housing as far as I know, but we like her. Oakland's very own, the CA Senator's Debate showed a very rational, but progressive approach to issues based on her experiences as a DA. One thing to note is that she opined as CA Attorney General that local authorities may not institute preferential parking regulations that discriminate among residents based on the residents' dwelling type  meaning you can't be denied an on-street parking permit because you live in a new multifamily development so that single-family homeowners' parking will remain intact...though ideally you wouldn't need that permit. EBF advocates for walking, biking, and public transit.