1/19/17 OAKLAND, CA - At 6pm Wednesday evening approximately 10 members of East Bay Forward showed up to the Oakland Planning Commission meeting to argue in favor of by-right ADUs. Opposition to by-right ADUs claimed that the units could be "hideous" and neighbors may have to look at a building style that displeases them. Rage at not being consulted by their fellow landowning neighbors about building an additional unit, and having no say on property they don't own was the crux of their arguments. Proponents of the change outnumbered the opposition 3-1. Activist Victoria Fierce stated, "In Berkeley they voted down senior housing, Oakland can be better on this, we can build senior housing in our backyards. This gives Oaklanders the power to take housing into their own hands and not have to go through developers, this is wonderful." Most other speakers on the topic echoed the sentiment that this is great for families, biological and chosen. "Many people have relatives who are getting older and want to care for them, this will greatly help the rising numbers of intergenerational families in Oakland." advocated Martha Ekdahl. At the end of public comment one shaken opponent ran back to the microphone to inform the council that they had to look at mud when their neighbor built an ADU. The planning commission unanimously passed the By-Right ADUs proposal with some clarifying amendments. This will be sent to City Council to vote on at a later date.

East Bay Forward is a coalition dedicated to solving the housing crisis in the bay area. They meet monthly in Oakland or Berkeley, and spend their free time showing up at city meetings to fight for more housing. Find out more at