Next Wednesday, February 1st at 6pm, the Oakland Planning Commission will be considering approving the construction of 400 homes at MacArthur BART. East Bay Forward will be having a meeting outside of City Hall immediately prior, at 5:30pm to sync up before we begin.

That gives everyone just under seven days to write their councilmember and the planning commission in support of the Mammoth. While the Mammoth itself lives in Councilmember Kalb's district 1, Councilmember McElhaney's district 3 is just across the street.

Everyone's emails are listed below:

  • Dan Kalb, Councilmember for District 1,
  • Lynette Gibson McElhaney, Councilmember for District 3,
  • Adhi Nagraj, Planning Commission Chair,
  • Emily Weinstein, Planning Commissioner,
  • Tom Limon, Planning Commissioner,
  • Clark Manus, Planning Commissioner,
  • Amanda Monchamp, Planning Commissioner,
  • Jahmeese Myres, Planning Commissioner,
  • Chris Pattillo, Planning Commissioner,
  • Catherine Payne, City Case Planner,

If you're unsure what to write, here's a sample letter to get you started:

Members of the Oakland Planning Commission and Councilmember McElhaney,

I am writing to you in strong support of the proposed housing for the MacArthur Transit Village's Parcel B, which will bring 402 additional homes to Oakland without displacement. Oakland is becoming increasingly unaffordable to newcomers and long-time residents alike through a long-term trend of creating insufficient quantities of housing. Our crisis-level housing shortage has caused rents to skyrocket across the entire city, while at the same time leaving even rent controlled tenants—otherwise safe from drastic, immediate rent increases in market-rate housing—unable to move into safer, higher quality housing.

These 402 homes will bring thousands of families, workers, artists, neighbors, and friends to the Temescal and Longfellow neighborhoods over the lifetime of the building. These people can be long-term Oakland residents needing to get out of their earthquake-prone turn-of-the-century Victorian, or newcomers who are looking to make Oakland their home just as many others have done here for generations. The new housing will generate millions in tax revenue for the city, provide throngs of eager customers to local businesses, and start to make a dent in rents.

While the MacArthur Transit Village will not end our housing shortage overnight, building more housing is part of the answer and Approval of this project does exactly that. I urge the Oakland Planning Commission to approve this project at MacArthur BART at the Februrary 1st meeting, with a recommendation of expedited approval by the City Council scheduled immediately for the next Oakland City Council meeting.