People all over the Bay Area rely on Caltrain every day for their access to economic opportunities up and down the peninsula and into the South Bay. Yes, that includes us in the East Bay!

Caltrain's planned electrification upgrades affect all of us, and they are in danger of being canceled. An electric caltrain reduces greenhouse emissions, improves maintenance, and in general is a huge boost to the bay area's well-being. Unfortunately in this time of Trump, the new Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is considering denying Caltrain the federal funding needed to complete the project. Without it, we'll have a half constructed and completely diesel-powered train line that continues to be overwhelmed with riders from around the region.

Our co-conspirators at Friends of Caltrain from down the peninsula are asking everyone in the bay area to take action against defunding Caltrain. Here's some things you can do today to keep our region green and on time:

This is important! With your help, we can make a difference on a problem that affects all of us in the region. Whatever doesn't get electrified in the peninsula causes a worse climate for all of us.