This upcoming Tuesday at 7pm there will be a special city council meeting on 2902 Adeline St. It's a 50 unit projects 1.5 blocks from BART in S. Berkeley. This area of Berkeley has been one that has been fighting new development as they feel they've been neglected by the City for decades and that gentrification is ruining their neighborhoods. The fact of the matter is that gentrification has been happening, but it's been "displacement without development". This would be the first new building built in this priority development area in decades if you don't count the current affordable-housing development that was originally proposed in the 90s and only started construction last year. Also know that Berkeley's housing stock is highly impacted by UC Berkeley and students are packing 3 to a bedroom, commuting long distances, and/or living in cars.

Please take a look at our sign up sheet and consider coming to help fight for this new development that the neighbors think is too tall and doesn't do enough for the community. This project will definitely set a precedent for the new Adeline PDA: 


  • mixed-use 50 units, with 10% onsite (4 units), $884k to the affordable housing trust fund, with 4 live/work onsite
  • ~100k$ to the City's public art fund
  • 100k$ to community organizations
  • tons of bike parking, green features
  • ample set backs