3/7/17 - OAKLAND, CA City Council chambers were standing room only when public comment opened up on the MacArthur Transit Village Parcel B project. The city council voted unanimously to approve the project pushing it into the next step of waiting out the 90 day appeal period ensured by law. The vote came after comments from many community members, both for and against the proposed project. Supporters such as Temescal Business Improvement District and Labor Unions, spoke in support of the project. They touted the community benefits of more jobs and foot traffic at local businesses as positive effects of the project. As one carpenter stated, "This is more than housing, it's building integrity and bringing forth change." Other community members spoke in opposition to the project claiming that people would not want to live in the project and that the "visual ugliness" will impact "all of the East Bay." Council Member Dan Kalb, representing District 2, where the project stands to be built, stated "We absolutely need more affordable housing. We can use this to take to other developers and can be used as a model.” We need more affordable housing, indeed. The project on Parcel B is the final piece of the larger transit village plan which consists of a multi-level parking structure for BART as well as a 90-unit building of below market rate units. These two structures are already built and the addition of 402 homes, 45 of which are below market rate, will build on what the transit village has already done. As Andrea Lo put it, "it's important for us to have high density housing near transit and downtown."

East Bay Forward is an unincorporated coalition dedicated to solving the housing crisis in the bay area. They meet monthly in Oakland or Berkeley, and spend their free time showing up at city meetings to fight for more housing. Find out more at or email for further details.