634 homes proposed at 1314 Franklin were delayed at the April 5th planning commission meeting, despite overwhelming support for more housing. That night, 18 speakers and over a dozen letters from the downtown, old oakland, lakeside, and chinatown neighborhoods showed up to demand more housing in Oakland.

The proposed project brings 17,000 street level retail, almost 1,000 residents, and almost $4,000,000 annually in tax revenue for city services. It also brings 60 units of affordable housing to replace a two story parking deck that provides no housing whatsoever.

The final vote at the commission was commissioners Manus and Nagraj opposed to a delay of the project, with Myres, Limon, and Weinstein voting in favor. Patillo was excused for conflict of interest, as her architecture firm contributed to this project.

Despite all this support, the Chinatown Coalition lead by Lailan Huen still managed to pull strings behind the public eye in closed-door back room negotiations to get this delayed in exchange while they build up their case for yet another appeal.

Housing denied is housing delayed. East Bay Forward will continue to fight against unnecessary delays of housing that only serve to further exacerbate our crisis-level housing shortage, but we can't do it without the people power you contribute!

We're asking everyone to write a letter to the Oakland Planning Commission in support of this project, which is coming back to the planning commission next week on April 19th. Tell the commission that delays like this are unacceptable and undemocratic in the face of overwhelming support.