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It's Time. The election is days away and approaching quick. Now is the time to move some votes and mark your ballots. We're organizing for turnout to make an impact on the future of housing, transit, tenant rights, and long-term planning in the east bay. Here's how you can get involved and make change happen.

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With the myriad of ballot initiatives and candidates for local office, the 2016 ballot can be a bit overwhelming!

That's okay, we've made a slate card that can help you vote. East Bay Forward has endorsed a multitude of candidates and ballot initiatives this year. We've thrown our support behind them because we genuinely believe that there are positive steps we can take to provide Housing for All. That's good and all, but lofty platitudes don't make change. Votes at the ballot box make change, and the only way anyone knows what to pick on on the ballot is through getting the word out.

Print out a copy and remember bring it with you to the ballot box. Don't forget to print copies for your friends, family, and coworkers! We support more housing, improved transit, stronger tenant protections, and better long-term planning. If you want those too, you'll probably agree with our slate.

For full details on our nominations, check out our Election 2016 nomination list. Its worth doing, or we wouldn't be asking you to sign up. All of our candidates and initiatives are running a full campaign. We want you to help them out and volunteer where you can!

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East Bay Forward will continue our advocacy work long after the polls are closed. Sign up to our mailing list to stay in touch with updates, calls to action, and future social events to meet other supporters of East Bay Forward!

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Live outside the East Bay?

That's fine too! We understand that not everyone can afford to live here, and we're working to fix that. You can still get involved with our campaigns, or help these other local groups near you: